Friday, 31 August 2007

Google updates website penalty notifications

Google's Webmaster Blog has reported a change to their system of notifying website owners about indexing penalties, due to violations of their Webmaster Guidelines (such as spammy search engine optimisation techniques).

At the end of 2005 Google started to email website owners to notify them that their site had been removed from the search index due to violations of their guidelines - which was very decent of them to make webmasters aware that their 'dodgy' techniques had been spotted! However, several months ago Google had to stop this practice following some fake messages being sent out and instead, they started to post messages within the Webmaster Console.

This was fine, so long as you had set up access to the set of webmaster tools provided by Google and of course plenty of websites hadn't and therefore the warning messages were not being received. Now Google has decided to continue with the emails again and also post the messages in the Webmaster Console, with the intention of these remaining in place for websites that aren't even registered, so that once they do a copy of the message will be waiting for the webmaster!


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