Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Control country association on Google

Another announcement from Google's Webmaster blog has added to the raft of new features being included on Google's Webmaster Tools. There is now a function that can help you to control the country association of your online content, by domain, sub-domain, or even site directory level. This can be important when it comes to country-specific search results, since Google's results will vary on each country version of the search engine, plus using this option can also improve Google's search results for geographic queries.

Google currently only allows webmasters to associate their site with a single country and location, but they say that if your site is relevant to an even more specific area, such as a particular state or region, you can notify them, or whether your site isn't relevant to any particular geographic location at all. If no information is entered in Webmaster Tools, Google will continue to make geographic associations largely based on the top-level domain (e.g. or and the IP of the webserver from which the context was served.

This is another valuable option that can help to give webmasters more control over the way their site is managed by Google and displayed to searchers.


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