Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Understanding AdWord's Quality Score

The Inside AdWords blog has just announced that Google have introduced a new Keywords Analysis page to help clarify the information on Quality Scores that are allocated to each keyword. Users can access this page by clicking on the small magnifying glass icon against a keyword in the AdWords account - this opens a small panel with summary information on the keyword's Quality Score and then links take you through to a more detailed page where the reasons for the low score are explained, together with options to improve it.

The Quality Score feature of Google AdWords has caused some uncertainty with advertisers since the calculations are many, as well as hidden. However, the main issue will be relevancy, which Google is keen to improve within the searcher's experience, so if clickthrough rates are poor or the site's landing page is not seen to be relevant to the term, then the Quality Score is likely to suffer.

AdWords users can also view the Quality Score for each keyword by clicking on the 'Customize Columns' link within each Adgroup and then selecting the column 'Show Quality Score'. This adds a new column which displays the Quality Score against each keyword (categorised into the broad groups of Great, OK or Poor) and the minimum keyword bid required for each search term.


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