Friday, 14 December 2007

Google adds new webmaster tools

Google's Webmaster Tools have seen a range of new features being added over the past few months to help webmasters analyse and improve the performance and management of their websites. The Webmaster Central blog has announced 2 new features to add to this array of services for webmasters.

Firstly, a content analysis feature provides additional feedback about issues that could impact the user experience on a website, or may make it difficult for Google to crawl and index pages from the domain. Highlighted issues may need to be addressed to eliminate potential problems with the indexing of a site, either by Google or other search engines as well. There is also a new section highlighting any issues with the site's title tags (such as duplicates throughout the site, or length issues), meta descriptions and any non-indexable content.

The second new feature is additional information on any sitemap files that have been submitted to Google for indexing. There is clearer information on the number of pages submitted through the sitemap and indexed by Google, as well as comments on any errors with the indexing.


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