Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Google AdWords launch Local PlusBox

Google AdWords have announced a new feature for local advertisers who use PPC advertising, in another move to support local marketing opportunities. The Local PlusBox is a feature that appears below the local advert, with a small + symbol and address that expands to a location map and address for the advertised business.

This feature is only available to advertisers who are using local business adverts and are also bidding high enough to appear in the sponsored results panel above the main Google results, so may be limited for many local advertisers, but on the positive side they will still only pay the cost if a user clicks onto their site, so the map and address details are displayed at no charge as an extra feature for searchers. The feature will also be limited to AdWords accounts in the USA, Canada, UK, and Germany initially but should then be rolled out to other countries at a later date.


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