Friday, 25 January 2008

Google's Content Network tips

Google's 'Inside AdWords' blog has been running a series of postings on advertising tips for the Content Network - the placement of advertising on third-party content pages that match the search term targeting. The latest article links to the earlier postings and also summarises some of the main tips for targeting content network adverts and for tracking and managing the campaigns.

In addition, Google AdWords have recently announced the launch of a new test feature within the content network - demographic targeting. This is a function that Google has been likely to launch since Microsoft first launched their adCenter PPC service that offered this option. Google's problem was that it didn't have easy access to this sort of data (unlike Microsoft's MSN / Hotmail network) but they are now making inroads into this with a limited test in the US and UK at this point.

As another footnote about Google's blog postings, there is another informative piece on their Webmaster blog, summarising recent conference discussions which clarify common questions including the use of sub-domains, underscores v hyphens in page names, keywords in URLs and moving IP address. As always, these postings can be seen as a definitive answer from the Google team and so well worth a read!


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