Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Yahoo to integrate Delicious data in search results?

Search Engine Land have reported a test being conducted by to integrate data from its social bookmarking site into their search engine results. The article includes some sample screenshots which indicates that a listing in the search results will display the number of users that have bookmarked that site or page on and how the page has been tagged.

Yahoo! have apparently said that the results are not affecting the ranking algorithm at this point but are simply adding an additional layer of information for the user to assess within the site details being ranked and clearly those sites that have been bookmarked by more people could imply that they are a good resource.

The article then goes on to review how Yahoo!'s original directory results have now been relegated within the results and whether it's even worth getting a site listed here anymore. As the web has expanded at a rapid rate, the human-edited directory has become outdated and largely irrelevant with the Yahoo! search service.


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