Thursday, 28 February 2008

Cross-submissions enabled for Sitemaps

The Google Webmaster blog reports that the Sitemaps protocol - enabling webmasters to submit their sitemaps directly to the main search engines - has now been further enhanced so that webmasters can now place Sitemap files for multiple hosts onto a single host location and then notify Google and the other search engines about these by including their location in the appropriate robots.txt file.

This move allows for greater flexibility for website owners who have multiple domains but find it easier to edit robots.txt files rather than load Sitemaps files on each of the sites, plus it can improve centralised management of these files. It's therefore important to use a robots.txt file on each site and to indicate in each of these where that host's Sitemap lives - in this way, it proves the webmaster's ownership of the host for which they are specifying the Sitemap file.


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