Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Gender trends in online shopping

The Wall Street Journal reports that luxury retailers are finding that men make faster shopping decisions, spend more on luxury items online and are less likely to return unwanted items than women. As a result, these surprising results mean that some leading retailers are streamlining their e-commerce sites to enhance their appeal to men, who reportedly prefer to shop quickly, without doing much comparative research.

The study by Forrester Research seems to indicate that men may value their time more, or want to make decisions quicker without shopping around. They also estimate that men send back fewer than 10% of their apparel purchases, while women return more than 20% of the apparel they purchase.

The article also includes data from other retailing studies in the US and Europe which are showing different shopping patterns between the sexes and how some retailers are now developing their websites and product offerings to take advantage of these trends.


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