Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Google announces launch of new web browser

Google has announced the launch of a new Internet browser that will challenge Internet Explorer and the growing popularity of Mozilla's Firefox. Called Google Chrome, the new browser is an open source browser that has been made available today across more than 100 countries.

A Google browser has been expected for some time and the company says that they are introducing this new browser to 'add value for users and, at the same time, help drive innovation on the web'. The blog says that the web browser needed a rethink as the web has developed to one of rich, interactive applications and the browser aims to cater for this market.

The new Google Chrome browser window is 'streamlined and simple' so that it takes a back seat position to provide web users with the tools to get the most from their online activites. Each browser tab is kept in an isolated "sandbox" to prevent one tab from crashing another and to provide improved protection from rogue sites. Google claims that the browser offers improved speed and responsiveness and includes a powerful JavaScript engine to manage the next generation of web applications.

The beta launch is designed to generate feedback and further development as the initial Windows browser is also adapted for Mac and Linux. As an open source project the new browser uses components taken from Apple's WebKit and Mozilla's Firefox plus all the code is provided as an open source tool to encourage online collaboration to develop the product in the future.

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