Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Advanced Segmentation with Google Analytics

The Google Analytics blog has published more information about the new Advanced Segmentation function available within the statistical package provided for websites. It outlines how users can now compare different data segments and key performance metrics within Analytics reports and how these segments can be saved and then applied to any future report. The blog entry also reports how users of Analytics can now select from predefined custom segments such as "Paid Traffic", "Visits with Conversions"or "New Visits" as well as use an auto-complete function and a drag and drop interface to easily create segments.

The new blog entry provides a useful introduction to segments and how these Advanced Segments can now be created. It describes how a segment is, simply, a subset of data and - for example - may refer to a subset of visitors whose behaviour users may like to analyze or compare with another segment. With Advanced Segmentation users can create segments whilst browsing reports and then the segments that are created can apply to historical data as well as current and future traffic.

As reported previously, these new features within Google Analytics provide even more powerful tools to analyse and interpret data and then test alternative changes to a website or marketing campaign. This article offers a good overview of how this data can be selected and used.



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