Thursday, 20 November 2008

Google's new Search-Based KeyWord Tool

The Google AdWords blog has announced another new tool for advertisers, although at this stage it's one that is only available in the US and UK markets. The Search-Based Keyword Tool links into PPC advertiser accounts and provides some better data on what potential customers may be searching for and which keywords should be targeted by the advertising campaign.

This new tool is currently in beta phase and initially looks to be very similar to the current keyword research tool offered by Google. However, the advantage of this tool is that instead of starting with the searcher's keywords, this one begins in the opposite direction by analysing the advertiser's landing pages and identifying keywords that potential customers are searching on to find their products or services.

The new tool therefore claims to display better search query data relevant to a website's content, thereby identifying highly relevant keywords that are not currently part of the existing AdWords campaigns and so potentially allowing advertisers to take advantage of missed opportunities. Early tests of this tool have not revealed notable differences to existing campaigns and the suggested keywords have been quite broad, but with further development by Google this could become an essential tool for all advertisers to help refine their PPC campaigns.

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