Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Google AdWords for the iPhone

Google's AdWords blog has announced a new campaign management option for advertisers who want to display their text and image ads onto the new range of phones that offer full HTML Internet browsers, such as the iPhone and the new T-Mobile G1 (Google's new application service).

This new option will allow advertisers to create exclusive campaigns for these new generation phone and view separate performance reporting. Google says that these new iPhone / G1 ads have many of the same benefits as the standard mobile-format ads - such as delivering mobile-specific calls-to-action and reaching an audience when they're on the go - plus they say that with more users now performing searches on these devices, these searches are likely to go up during the holiday season. According to the blog, the iPhone drove more traffic last Christmas to Google.com worldwide than any other mobile platform.

The other main benefit to advertisers is that, unlike standard mobile ads, adverts don't need to be reformatted to show them on these Internet phones, since as they operate with full Internet browsers, it's possible to display the standard AdWords ads and landing pages on these devices without having to modify them.

This is likely to become a much larger part of a PPC campaign for many local targeted advertisers over the coming years and the new option from Google recognises the need for targeting and tracking this new sector.

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