Thursday, 30 April 2009

Tips for using Google AdWords and Analytics

Google's 'Inside AdWords' blog has just completed a series of short posts about how AdWords and Analytics can best be used together. More and more search engine advertising campaigns through Google AdWords are linking in the Google Analytics data as well to get a better insight into how keywords are performing once searchers visit a site. These 4 posts by Google cover tips and advice about using these 2 tools together and include links to additional resources.

The first article introduces the series of articles and provides links to a series of short videos on how to use Google Analytics. The second post looks at linking the AdWords and Analytics accounts and then how to track revenue generated by the PPC adverts.

The third blog article explains how to identify the keywords that lose money and how to calculate the ROI of a campaign. The final article covers ways to find the best keywords and ad positions that drive revenue.

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