Thursday, 23 July 2009

Bing uses localisation to attract users

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, Microsoft's new Bing search engine is targeting regional users through the home page image that changes daily on the site. These images - often of stunning natural scenery - are being adapted for different countries, with the Australian version of the site including images of events such as the Bledisloe Cup and the Darwin Beer Can Regatta.

These, and other images, may be displayed to coincide with national events, in the similar way that Google sometimes revises its logo design for a landmark date. In addition, a number of 'hotspots' on the images appear as a mouseover function, which then takes the user into the search engine results for some content related to the image.

Although Bing's daily changing search page image is an attractive reason to visit the site, the ongoing use of the service will be more dependant on the quality of the search results, and although Bing is adding some new innovations to the service, it will remain an uphill struggle to draw users away from Google on a regular basis, when 'googling' has become an accepted part of website usage.

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