Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Google's Quality Score facts

Ever since Googe introduced the Quality Score as a core factor in the AdWords PPC system, it has become an issue of some confusion and debate in terms of how it works and the impact that it can have on the bid management of a campaign. Google's AdWords Agency blog has been running a series of 'facts of the week' posts, which help to clarify or dispel some of the myths about how the Quality Score works and the impact that it can have.

Examples of recent facts covered have been: A higher bid will not improve your Quality Score; Quality Score does not suffer when your ads are paused or showing infrequently; Restructuring your account does not cause you to lose your historical Quality Score information. The explanation of these issues can be found in the blog and further facts will be published in coming weeks, all of which can be accessed through the link above, or by using the Quality Score label in the Google blog.



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