Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Yahoo! enhances its front page

Further new developments from Yahoo! have been reported widely in the press, including by the BBC. Available in the US initially, Yahoo! has changed its home page to give users a new, customisable format which lets them link to third parties like Google and Twitter. The aim is to make Yahoo! a stronger destination site that will provide users with a starting point for their web experience and thereby increasing visits to the Yahoo! site in the face of increasing competition, particularly following the recent launch of Microsoft's new Bing search tool.

The focus on the new interface is on personalisation, with the most notable change being a bar on the left hand side of the page, called My Favorites. Users can customise their links to Yahoo! here, as well as to other services they use the most from news to social networks to email to movies. While there are over 60 of these applications at the moment, consumers can add their own by typing in web addresses.

The BBC articles reports that Yahoo! has described the overhaul as the most "radical" and "fundamental" make-over of the site since it began more than a decade ago. Changes to its front page were announced back in October 2007 and the company began testing with users around a year ago. Yahoo's front page is seen as vital to the company's future and is regarded as prime real estate because it serves as an entry point for users, and as a result commands premium advertisement prices.



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