Monday, 24 August 2009

Do smaller display ads work better?

MediaWeek reports on new research from Dynamic Logic that claims to show that the most effective display ads on the web are those that are integrated within a web page's content, rather than larger, dominating adverts, in terms of driving traditional brand metrics such as awareness and purchase intent.

Dynamic Logic analysed 2,390 display campaigns over 3 years and found that half banners (234 x 60 units) and rectangles (180 x 150 units) proved to be more effective than larger, pricier placements such as leaderboards and skyscrapers. However, these findings conflict with the current trend among web publishers and advertisers, who are pushing toward larger, more interruptive online advertising as a way to funnel brand dollars away from TV.

The survey also found that creative quality and level of sophistication are also key, so that among the 2,000-plus campaigns analyzed, rich media ads that featured video excelled in most branding categories, including awareness, brand favourability and purchase intent. Meanwhile, more basic Flash ads - seen as the most common form of display advertising - consistently achieved the lowest scores.

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