Friday, 14 August 2009

Google testing new search tool

The Google Webmaster blog has announced a 'secret project' that the company has been working on - the next-generation architecture for Google's web search engine. And now they are opening the test siteup to users, requesting feedback on the performance of the new technology.

Google says their aim is to improve the size, indexing speed, accuracy and comprehensiveness of their search experience, but there's little coincidence that this announcement comes soon as the launch of Microsoft's new Bing search engine and the attention that has generated. Of course, this Google announcement has generated lots of press and online activity and comment, such as this favourable review from Information Week.

Dubbed 'Google Caffeine' the new search engine infrastructure can be viewed and tested at

The new search engine seems to be faster, which probably reflects lower usage and less integration of 'universal' search results at this stage. Some searches show little difference in results to the existing search engine, whereas others do show a notable change in ranking positions, so there could be implications for some companies relying on search engine optimisation performance for their site visits. This new version will continue to be reviewed and assessed over the next few months to see what wider impact it may have on the search and online business market.

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