Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Google sues work-from-home scammers

The Sydney Morning Herald has published an article about Google action in suing Pacific WebWorks, a US company that is alleged to have created a scam advertising campaign that promised "up to $978 a day working from home". However, all that job seekers got in return for their application was a recurring bill on their credit cards and it's claimed that thousands of people have been duped into thinking they were applying for work with the search company.

In reality, the scam is simply selling a kit that claims to show recipients how to make money from home with Google. Buyers' credit cards are then charged with ongoing fees, while the job seeker receives nothing. Because the logo is displayed prominently on the ads, Google claims the unaffiliated websites are misusing its trademark to deceive unsuspecting consumers, many of whom have turned to Google to lodge complaints and ask for refunds.

A Google spokesperson said: "Misleading ads try to take advantage of consumers in the midst of a difficult economy, and as the economic situation has worsened, the problem has only grown. As far as we can tell, thousands of people have been tricked into sending payment information and being charged hidden fees by questionable operations".

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