Thursday, 3 June 2010

Bing gains market share over first year

The ClickZ website has reviewed the progress of Microsoft's Bing search engine in its first year and reports that it has made some progress in terms of search market share, as well as its share of marketers' paid search spend in the US. However, most of this gain has come at Yahoo's expense, instead of from the main competitor and market leader Google.

The articles reports on the latest market share figures for the US, which includes comScore's data showing that Microsoft sites (Bing, Windows Live and MSN) accounted for 11.8% of searches in April 2010, up from 8% in May 2009. Research by Nielsen shows the figures as slightly higher, with Microsoft's search products reaching a 12.9% share of searches compared to 9.4% during the same period.

Data from Hitwise, which specifically tracks activity through the Bing website estimates that the search engine accounted for 9.4% of US searches in April 2010, compared with a 5.7% share of searches for Microsoft's MSN and Live properties in April 2009. Therefore all three data providers do show a growth from Microsoft / Bing but this comes at the expense of Yahoo's search product, instead of Google.

The articles also reports on recent search advertising spend data from Efficient Frontier, which shows that Bing's share of paid search spend rose from 3.8% in Q2 2009, to 7% in the second quarter of 2010, whereas Yahoo saw a decline from 21.3% to 17.8% in the same period and Google saw its ow share remain consistent at around 75%.

There is some question as to whether Bing has actually prevent Google gaining more share over the past year, but it must also be disappointing not to have made more of a dent into the market leader's position. Microsoft and Yahoo are still working towards a combined search product towards the end of the year and that will then need to work harder to combat the apparently unassailable position being held by Google in the search market.


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