Friday, 2 July 2010

Google AdWords introduces keyword diagnosis tool

In another new enhancement, Google AdWords has announced an improved keyword diagnosis tool that gives advertisers the chance to see detailed diagnostic information for multiple keywords at once. This can be accessed from the Keywords tab in an AdWords account using the "More actions" menu and "Diagnose keywords."

Within this new keyword diagnosis menu, advertisers have all the same options that were previously available in the standalone Ads Diagnostic Tool. However, this new enhancement now display the diagnosis information included as real-time results within the Status column next to each keyword. If the keyword is working well then "Ad showing" will be displayed, but if there are any problems then a brief summary is provided to help advertisers fix the issue (such as "Low bid or quality score").

To get more details on a keyword's status, users are able to hover over any speech bubble icon which may display Quality Score issues or other factors that are preventing the ad from showing. Google recommends that to focus on one issue at a time, advertisers should try creating filters for Keyword Status.



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