Friday, 27 August 2010

Using social media for business

How well is your business embracing social networking tools and what are the potential opportunities for companies to access the wide user base and active participants on many of the core services. We've recently developed some factsheets on the 3 main services - Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, so if you'd like to receive a copy of these, please contact us.

Social media marketing won't work for all companies, but it is an area that should be explored and the basic structures put into place. We've been running a Twitter account for over a year now, as a source of news and communication with our 'followers'. We've also developed our company pages on LinkedIn and Facebook for Web Marketing Workshop, and our subsidiary companies Web Search Workshop and Web Training Workshop.

Please take a look and follow our pages if you wish, to see how we'll be developing these services over the coming months. And if you'd like to discuss the opportunities for your business in more detail, please let us know.

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