Tuesday, 28 September 2010

IAB seeks online measurement system

The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Australia (IAB) has announced that they are searching for tenders from companies to develop an online audience measurement (OAM) system. The successful company will then be endorsed as the sole and exclusive preferred supplier for the planning, buying and reporting of OAM for an initial three year period.

Paul Fisher, the CEO of IAB Australia, said that the Bureau had "liaised extensively with our IAB cousins in the US, UK and EU to learn from their experiences regarding OAM technology, models and partnerships. It is clear that a standard OAM currency is one of the most significant contributors to the growth of online advertising and we have been working hard to assist industry to arrive at such a result."

Audience measurement is becoming increasingly vital in the expanding online advertising market and the hope is that Australia will benefit from more robust ratings, readership and audience data so that advertisers will be able to make better media-buying decisions. However, as has been seen in other markets, any primary measurement system for online usage will never be perfect and have detractors, but it is still needed as an industry-wide tool.

OAM companies must register their interest in participating in the process by Friday 8th October 2010 and the deadline for final submissions will be 17th December 2010. The winning bid would then be announced in the first half of 2011, with the new measurement system expected to be in place during the second half of that year.

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