Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Yahoo launches new search interface

Yahoo has announced a revised look to its search engine, with a graphical interface that it hopes will attract more users. The change has been covered widely, including by Advertising Age, which reports that Yahoo's new design allows for more display-like advertising placements. This coincides with Yahoo's move to integrate Bing's search engine into these new look listings.

The changes are going to be introduced gradually so that whilst most searches conducted across the site won't be affected immediately, a search for musical artists, movies, Hollywood personalities or trending news topics will appear in a new format called the "accordion module." With the new layout, a window of information, called an "overview," loads at the top of the page that breaks up results into regular links, images, videos, events and even results from Twitter.

The idea from Yahoo is to "entertain" the user, as well as to provide relevant search results. Whereas Google's approach has always been to move searchers off their site as soon as possible by presenting them with the most relevant results, quickly, in contrast Yahoo's new search page appears to be designed to keep users on the page.

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