Friday, 10 December 2010

New enhancements in Google AdWords

Google continues to develop new features for AdWords and has released a number of new enhancements this week.

Firstly, on Wednesday the AdWords blog announced some new additions to the Keyword Tool, based on feedback from users. The new tool hasn't been that well received since it was first introduced and compared to the previous version, but the new features are helping this to become a more valuable resource for advertisers.

There are some new filters added to the tool, including the option to choose specific terms to include or exclude from a keyword list. There is also a new ‘More like these’ button to search for terms that are similar to the specific keyword ideas that have been selected from the suggested list of terms. Users can also access results that include just the exact words or phrases (and their close synonyms) that have been entered in the search box.

Several other new features include adding 'stars' to keywords that users may want to save while still searching for new keyword ideas. There is also the option to view the selected keywords in text form, so that users can easily edit them and paste them in a spreadsheet or AdWords Editor.

The second announcement this week was for some new options in the Opportunities tab which include:
* First page CPC ideas - to help users adjust bids so that ads have a better chance of appearing on the first page of search results.
* More robust statistics for keyword ideas - the broad estimates for suggested new keywords have now been improved to show estimates for impressions, cost, and clicks whenever these statistics are available.
* Bid ideas for ad groups - bid ideas can now be found at the ad group level in addition to the keyword level.
* Exporting ideas - if there are a lot of ideas being listed, users can now export these to a .csv file to allow review and editing.



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