Thursday, 27 January 2011

Google and Sensis develop relationship

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, Google has further developed its business relationship with Sensis in Australia by signing up the Telstra arm as a keyword "reseller". This means that Sensis will be selling the AdWords pay-per-click service to its Yellow Pages customers and take a commission from Google.

As a result of the deal, Google gains access to this additional network and customer base, while Sensis maintains its reach by ensuring its customers' ads can be found when people are searching the web. The Yellow Pages service has been suffering in recent years and the most recent annual results have shown that revenue for Yellow and White Pages fell by 2.9% with revenue from the print edition down 6.9%. However, revenue from digital and mobile versions grew by 10 per cent, although this is a much smaller proportion of the overall revenues.

This new deal between Sensis and Google follows the agreement in 2008 for Yellow Pages business listings to appear in Google maps (Google Places). Google also powers Sensis's search engine as a search partner.



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