Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Web marketing newsletter published for January

The latest issue of our monthly Web Search & Marketing newsletter has been published for January.

As usual with our first newsletter of the year, we try to predict some of the main trends that we expect for the online market over next 12 months, with a particular focus on the web search and marketing sector. We also review the predictions we made a year ago to see how they shaped up over the last 12 months.

The online sector continues to be an area of rapid growth and regular product development, with the landscape looking quite different now compared to 12 months ago. This past year saw new PPC advertising opportunities, with Google AdWords in particular introducing a new range of tools, reports and services. The merger between Microsoft and Yahoo search advanced, personalised search and Google Instant made a mark, and local search marketing options continued to improve. On the social media side, Facebook and Twitter continued to be signficant players and for 2011, more is expected to develop in the social networking and mobile marketing field.

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