Thursday, 3 March 2011

A new communication channel....

After nearly 4 years and over 460 posts, we have decided to end this blog and provide news and updates on the web marketing sector through the following social media channels. This reflects the changing nature of the online market for communication and allows us to be more flexible in updating our clients and followers with the latest developments.

* Regular updates will continue to be posted through our main Twitter accounts:
- Web Marketing Workshop (latest developments in the web marketing field)
- Web Training Workshop (web search tips & advice, plus training courses)

* More detailed information will be posted on our Facebook pages:
- Web Marketing Workshop (news and trends)
- Web Search Workshop (search marketing advice and tips)
- Web Training Workshop (training course updates)

To receive these updates please Follow the appropriate Facebook pages.

* We will also post the occasional business updates through our LinkedIn business pages:
- Web Marketing Workshop
- Web Search Workshop
- Web Training Workshop

Thank you for reading and commenting on these blog posts over the past 4 years and we look forward to keeping you updated with all the important news and developments in the online marketing field, and with search engine marketing techniques.


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Web marketing newsletter published for March

The latest issue of our monthly Web Search & Marketing newsletter has been published for March.

This month's newsletter concludes a two-part look at Google Places and why this is an important feature for a business, particularly those targeting a local market. Following last month's review about claiming a listing, this issue covers the process of optimising a business listing and how to see the way that searchers view and act upon the listing.

This newsletter also covers 2 of the leading news stories from the search market in the past month - firstly, Google's accusation of Microsoft's cheating, and also the alleged black hat SEO techniques used by JC Penney in the US, which resulted in a Google ranking penalty.

If you want to sign up for future issues of this newsletter, please do so by using the form at the bottom of this page. To view back issues of this regular newsletter you can see the archive by date or by subject.